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Name:Hector Romero

Personality: Hector is a quiet guy. He's not very demonstrative and tends to brood when he's upset rather than getting angry. He likes to be around people, but he is generally assumed to be unfriendly because he doesn't speak up or display much emotion. Hector has the patience of a saint and will generally ignore slights and insults directed towards him. He is a deeply religious man, but keeps it to himself unless asked.

Brief History: Hector grew up in Cuidad Juárez, Mexico and had a fairly unremarkable childhood. He was a smart kid, but not a genius; he was tough, but not a badass; he was clever, but not devious. When he was fifteen he got a job at a classy hotel running errands for businessmen. Because he liked to hang around and listen to people talk (whether they knew it or not) he picked up English and a little Japanese. His mother pressured him to attend college when he graduated, but Hector instead chose to enter the seminary. He was halfway through his final year when K-Day happened and he immediately withdrew and joined the PPDC. His folks aren't thrilled with his decision, but they recognize that he is an adult and are proud of him for trying to defend the world.

Initially, he was working in one of the factories that assembled the first Jaegers, but when the call went out for pilots, he figured he might as well give it a shot. Not expecting to be chosen, he put his name on a list and went through some basic psych evals, which revealed him to be exceptionally empathetic and open to another's point of view. Both were considered valuable enough traits that he was fast-tracked through combat training and shipped off to the newly opened Jaeger Academy on Kodiak Island.

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